Monday, August 21, 2017

How Millionaires Think

Any mental thought, often repeated, becomes a habit.

Habitual thoughts make you who you are. rich-300x169

Millionaires are rich because of the way they habitually think.

Their habitual thinking comes first and their habitual behavior follows.

If you habitually think a certain way you will habitually act a certain way.

To become rich you have to learn how to think like a Millionaire.

What are some of the thinking habits of Millionaires?

  • Millionaires Believe in Themselves: 79% believed they could rise from poverty or the middle-class to wealth. 90% did not believe in fate. They believed they were the architects of their lives.
  • Millionaires Believe Hard Work Trumps Intelligence: 90% believed hard work was more important than a high IQ.  success risk wealth
  • Millionaires Believe Persistence Creates Good Luck: 92% believed they created their own good luck by relentlessly pursuing something they were passionate about. They were persistently patient in their pursuit of their dreams and goals. It took the average person in Millionaires 12 years to succeed in their realizing their dream and becoming rich.
  • Millionaires Are Optimists: 54% believed their optimism was a critical factor in their success.
  • Millionaires Control Their Emotions: 81% made a habit of controlling their negative emotions such as anger, envy, resentment and hate. This made it easier for others to do business with them.
  • Millionaires Believe Honesty is the Best Policy: 85% told the truth all the time. They never lied. Being perceived as honest helps build trust, a foundation for success and strong relationships.

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