Sunday, May 21, 2017

Take This Test To Find Out If You Are You Raising Your Children to be Rich or Poor

Do you have any idea if you are raising your children to be successful in life or raising them to be mired in financial struggles for their entire lives? abacus maths teach kids money count lesson learn

According to a Brown University study in which nearly 50,000 families were surveyed, kids pick up most of their habits in life by the age of 9.

Parents, by far, have the most impact over the habits their children will take with them into their adult lives.

Parents can unknowingly set their kids up to fail in life by virtue of the habits their children pick up from them.

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Most parents are completely unaware of the influence they have over the habits they are teaching their kids.

But you’re not most parents.

That’s one of the reasons you’re reading this.

I came up with a test that incorporates the top 40 habits that will ensure your children live a life of success, happiness and good health.

I call it the Rich Habits Test For Parents. It’s a fun test and it will open your eyes.

Just click the link below.


Good luck and let me know how you do.

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